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Meditation to Rewire Your Brain


Learn how meditation can rewire and elevate your brain and significantly improve your brain health and overall wellbeing. After this course, you will become a self-sufficient meditator for life. The course has been developed by neuroscience researcher and meditation and mindfulness teacher Naianna Robertsson. As a scientist and educator, she is driven by the conviction that each of us has the potential to rewire the brain to unlock its unlimited potential and intensify focus, manage stress and anxiety, improve resilience, self-awareness and emotional intelligence. The course combines cutting-edge neuroscience with mindfulness, meditation and breathwork to create a unique technique that has the potential to change key structures of your brain leading to improved emotional processing and stress management. You are purchasing a REPLAY of the live Zoom course. The course consists of four video masterclasses, each of approx. 1h - 1.5h in length (you can also listen to it like a podcast), plus summary notes, and can be taken at your own pace.

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