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I'm so pleased to be joining forces with the wonderful Sarah Newman, mum, yoga instructor and founder of Prasarita Yoga. 
Birth support has always been my first love. Before I founded Neurocompatible, I trained as a hypnobirthing instructor. The practice supported my own pregnancy journey and the calm and empowered birth of my son. 

Sarah and I have thoughtfully and carefully designed this unique course to help you prepare your body & mind and feel positive about your upcoming birth. The combination of pre-natal yoga & hypnobirthing-based techniques offers a complete package for birth preparation; not only teaching about the birthing process, but how to enjoy the experience and bring baby into the world in an empowered, gentle & calm way. 



The yoga element of the course will be led by Sarah, a professionally qualified pre- & post-natal instructor who founded Prasarita Yoga in 2017 with the aim of supporting new & expectant mums from the early stages of pregnancy through to postpartum recovery.

The postures & movements will be appropriate to the stage of pregnancy you are in.

The hypnobirthing element will be led by neuroscientist Naianna Robertsson, certified hypnobirthing teacher & meditation guide. She combines cutting-edge neuroscience knowledge with mindfulness, meditation and breathwork that has the potential to change key structures of your brain.

Naianna uses a compassionate and encouraging approach to inspire confidence in yourself.


The course is run as four 90-minute sessions, starting on the 9th of August.

Each week’s practice will be inspired by one of the four classical elements:


9th August: 4 - 5.30pm.

This week we focus on the Earth element - linked to Muladhara, the root chakra (or energy centre); the colour red; with characteristics of grounding, stabilising & belonging.
After yoga practice, we follow with an introduction to hypnobirthing and the science behind meditation, how to release fears & anxiety surrounding birth and replace them with calm, confidence, finishing with a guided meditation.

16th August: 4 - 5.30pm.

The Water element - Svadhisthana, the womb chakra; the colour orange; feminine, sensual, creative & powerful.
This week we focus on the anatomy of childbirth, the physiology & hormones involved in triggering labour, and the beautiful journey your body is about to go through. You will learn simple yet effective breathing techniques & positions for a natural delivery to enable you to look forward to the birth of your baby!

23rd August: 11.30am - 1pm.

The Fire element - Manipura, the solar plexus chakra; the colour yellow; clarity, courage, intensity, confidence & humility.
We focus on what to expect from first contractions, labour stages, possible interventions, to meeting your baby. You will be equipped with calming tools & techniques to feel empowered throughout the entire birthing journey. 

30th August: 11.30am - 1pm.

The Air element - Anahata, the heart chakra; the colour green; love, compassion, balance, life force, relationships & inner peace.
In the final session, we focus on practicing self-kindness & self-love once your baby is here - what to expect from the postpartum period, physical & emotional changes and how to best support your body & mind to help & inspire you through the journey of early motherhood.

PS: On reserving a place, you will be sent guided relaxation audio files to start your relaxation and support your meditation practice at home.  You will also be given handouts and class summaries to guide your practice after you complete the course.

We will be recording the sessions so we can send you a link after class, and you can contact us by phone or email at any time if you have any questions.

PLEASE NOTE: For the sake of full transparency, please note that this is not the complete hypnobirthing course. You will be taught all the relaxation elements of the course, which equates to approx 4 out of 8 hours of the complete course. If you would like to know more about the full 8-hour hypnobirthing course, or to top up your knowledge, please email me at:  

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