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Learn the most effective meditation practices to unlock your brain's limitless potential

with neuroscientist

Naianna Robertsson

As part of the ReBalance Bath Festival of Wellbeing

What: One-day course
Where: House of St. Johns, 1 Queen Square, Bath
When: Saturday 25th February, 10am-4pm.
Price: £95 per person

What to expect from the day:

You will learn the 3 most effective meditation practices for your brain & body based on cutting-edge neuroscience research, and how you can implement these simple yet powerful tools into your day to day life to rewire crucial parts of your brain involved in stress management, emotional health, resilience, energy, focus, motivation, memory, creativity and +++.


We will take several moments to relax and practice throughout the day. You will leave feeling calm, inspired and empowered with several tools to take charge of your brain, health. 

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"I have found the Meditation to Rewire Your Brain course to be the most beneficial step I have ever taken to manage my stress and anxiety levels. After doing the meditations for a whole month, I feel truly astonished by how I feel today as opposed to last month. I can’t thank you enough."
- Course Participant






The Meditation to Rewire Your Brain Course was designed to transform your life by changing the way that your brain is wired. 

By combining the three powerful techniques of Meditation, Mindfulness and Visualisation you will start to tap into the limitless potential of your mind to unlock and expand your brain’s potential to achieve greatness, decrease stress, increase emotional regulation, improve resilience, drive, fluid intelligence, focus and experience a calmer way of living.


Based on cutting-edge neuroscience research, each technique has been proven to change different areas of your brain, when combined, they become your secret weapon for life success, as they hold the ability to evoke remarkable neuroplasticity changes (your brain's ability to change itself and to crease new brain cells via neurogenesis) that will result in a happier, more energised, less stressed, and an all-round more enhanced version of you.


Meditation is incredible for you.
But just like different sports can enhance different parts of your body, different types of meditation have distinctive effects on different parts of your brain. So much so that scientists have suggested that different types of meditation should be recommended according to what areas of your life need improving.


But here's the good news: we've done the ground work for you, and through years of research, neuroscience and meditation expertise, we've created a unique and powerful combination of brain-enhancing techniques, unlike anything you've seen or tried before, with the ability to change key parts of your brain resulting in an overall elevated brain performance. 

Dive into the evidence below!

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Scientifically proven ways that meditation can transform your life

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By increasing your awareness of the present moment, meditation helps regulate moods and emotions, helping us become more resilient during stressful situations. You can make every moment your best with meditation. 

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Meditation naturally beats depression by boosting the production of your feel-good brain chemicals such as dopamine and seratonin and retraining your brain to control negative ruminating thoughts.  

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Nobel Prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn has found that meditation increases the length of your DNA telomeres (which naturally shrink as we age), reversing your biological age from the inside. Meditation also keeps your body's natural inner pharmacy well stocked up, by boosting the production of neuro chemicals that help the brain fight off dementia. A true fountain of youth?!

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Meditation increases your mental capacity, focus and drive as your body and mind are no longer running on background stress. Companies like Google and Golden Sachs now offer meditation to their employees as a direct tool to increase work productivity. 

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Cortisol is cumulative, meaning, you can't just make it disappear from your body when you get home from work in the evening. Too much stress can decrease sex drive. Meditation keeps stress levels in check, thus increasing satisfaction, whilst also making your senses blaze! Plus, if you're trying to conceive, meditation makes the body less acidic, which increases fertility.



Meditation massively improves your sleep quality, helping you get deeper and more restful sleep, it can even boost your melatonin production. There are also powerful meditation techniques that work wonders if you're struggling with sleep deprivation from insomnia or from the early days of parenthood which are 3x more powerful than taking a nap (without the sleep hangover!).



The JAMA Journal of International Medicine has reported that as much as 90% of doctor visits are for stress-related illnesses. A frequent meditation practice has the power to turn on, like a light switch, immune-linked brain regions and other powerful antibody responses that have the ability to fight off disease.  

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Neuroscience research has shown that more than 70% of how we spend our days is based on repetitive and learned behaviour, we spend most of our lives on auto-pilot. By tapping into deeper layers of your consciousness, meditation helps you achieve a new level of mind mastery; including enhanced creativity, emotional intelligence and memory retention. It's not a stretch to say that meditation is the world's very best deep mind training technique. 


Image by Daniel Öberg


Meditation is a precise technique for resting the mind and attaining a state of consciousness that is totally different from our usual fast-pace and high alert waking state. Meditation lights up your entire brain during brain scans, which frees your brain up from present, future and past stress whilst also enhancing your immune system and your body's cellular ability to self-repair. 

Furthermore, the Neurocompatible Technique will teach you the combination of two powerful meditations; Non-directed meditation and Metta, that further enhance the areas of your brain responsible for creativity as well as compassion and emotional intelligence.  

Image by Carlos de Miguel


Mindfulness enhances your ability of staying conscious and aware of the present moment, observing your thoughts without engaging in negative and ruminative thinking spirals. Mindfulness activates and enhances your prefrontal cortex (the CEO of your brain, responsible for clear, logical and rational thinking). Connectional brain anatomy research has also shown that mindfulness strengthens the connection between the prefrontal cortex and the amygdala (the 'stress centre' of your brain), thus down-regulating your stress levels and permanently changing how you respond to it (as long as you carry on practicing it!).

Image by Chris Henry



Visualisation is the simple but powerful act of creating a clear 'vision board' of the things you want to achieve in life. Simply put, the brain has the same activity when it visualises doing an action as it does when it is physically performing the action. 

By using visualisations daily, your brain will more readily allow your visualisations to meet your goals into your conscious awareness. So your brain encodes it as something that has, in a way, "already happened", thus taking away the 'novelty' effect, and all the fear, anxiety, procrastination patterns and self-doubts that are standing in the way of you actually achieving your goals. 

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