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As a neuroscientist, I have especially designed effective fear realising techniques and I include the most up-to-date information in my hypnobirthing course.

Hello! I’m Naianna, mum to my son Finn, hypnobirthing teacher and neuroscientist with over 8 years' experience.

I founded Neurocompatible (former Birth Secrets) because every woman deserves to have a calm and empowered pregnancy and birth, and this should be no mystery.


I have trained in psychology and neuroscience and over the last 10 year I have worked with healthy and atypically developing children and acute and chronic stroke patients, helping them navigate through new emotional and physical challenges as well as studying brain development and brain degeneration through my research.


Through my work I discovered the benefits that mindfulness and meditation can bring to our general well being - how science has demonstrated their effects in slowing down aging of the body and mind, keeping us calm and sharp. Equally important, I learned what increased amounts of stress and anxiety can do to our body and how detrimental that can be..


Then I fell pregnant with Finn. It was time to truly experience for myself all those concepts I had been sharing with the people I have worked with.


I had huge amounts of anxiety about giving birth naturally, I had always thought that birth is something that happens to you, that you have to endure with eyes on the end prize, and not something that you do and have control of. Attending a hypnobirthing course completely reframed my views and utterly changed how I approached and owned the birth of my son.


When I finally went into labour, I achieved such a deeply relaxed and focused state unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before or since. Finn came in to the world peacefully in the water, the lights were dimmed, the voices were gentle and the music was calm. As he was placed in my arms I experienced such an intense and unexplainable natural high consisting of repeated cries of “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!” too many times to count. We had done it! My little boy was so alert, with big inquisitive eyes, the same curious eyes I see in him everyday.


Quite frankly, there is no way I would have achieved such a positive birth without hypnobirthing, let alone got through the crucial hours of active labour without any fear or concern of what was coming next. I felt so present. The peaceful atmosphere that my partner and I created made us feel in our own little haven- I could have been anywhere and it wouldn’t have mattered. I have never had a more profound experience and I have never felt so in tune and connected to myself and to my partner and baby all at the same time. Finn was born at 9:27pm and by 4am we were home, in our own bed, with our newborn baby, totally ecstatic, high on life.


We were able to create a beautiful nesting bubble in the weeks that proceeded. Of course we also faced all the normal challenges that come with having a baby, but I felt empowered and serene. I own this to the happy memories I had of Finn’s birth and the fact that he had such a calm entry into this world.


I felt that the best way to help couples with the life changing transition into parenthood was to help and support them to achieve a positive birth. The mental preparation that you do during pregnancy and remembering your birth as a positive event enables you to enter the motherhood journey feeling physically and emotionally ready.


So I trained as a hypnobirthing teacher with Katherine Graves, the only course in the UK accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. I have since discovered a strong passion and commitment to help parents-to-be through their journey into making the birth of their baby a peaceful and positive event that will stay with them for life.


Hypnobirthing is an intelligent, natural and heartfelt approach to childbirth. It will help you nurture your body and mind with the use of logical and effective techniques that will release fear and anxiety and replace them with calm and confidence. You will feel connected, peaceful and ready.


My course is deeply rooted in scientific evidence and I always make sure that the carefully designed techniques and information you will learn go beyond the traditional hypnobirthing course. You’ll find an informal, friendly and relaxed environment.


To my background and experience I add a practical, gentle and human approach and I’m here to support and guide parents to have an informed, positive and empowered birth.


It’s your birth, your moment and you deserve the best experience.

Some photos of Finn's positive birth.

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