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A 60 min 1:1 session full of insight and support tailored to your needs

Please read this page fully before booking your session

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  • My unique style of coaching merges practical support for you with neuroscience-based knowledge + tools to help you harness your brain's plasticity to achieve emotional healing, self-understanding, identifying and breaking past patterns and improving your relationship with yourself and your loved ones. 

  • You will feel understood, validated, supported and empowered with actionable steps and strong neuro-based tools to take charge of your brain and emotional health.

  • A safe space to share your thoughts, emotions and present issues.

  • Typical topics: living a more mindful life, supporting the parental brain, nurturing your child's brain development, respectful brain-based parenting, breaking generational cycles, co-regulating big emotions, self-healing, nervous system regulation, improving emotional health and resilience, parenting challenges, triggers of parenthood.



- A 60 min online private session with Naianna, intended as top-level, solution-focused support. 

- Prior to our session, I will send you a questionnaire so you can let me know in more detail what you would like to cover.


- We will begin with a discussion of your present challenge and an exploration of your emotional responses, coping tools and identifying your nervous system needs.

- The rest of the session will be spent on warmly neuro-educating with a professional and compassionate insight. I will teach you evidence-based tools to manage your challenge whilst optimising your brain and emotional health.

- You will be given a personal long-term actionable plan with emotional and practical steps.  

- You will receive a personalised high-level summary of our session, containing your actionable steps and recommendations of further support and resources so you can keep up your brain healing and self-rewiring work. 

- I will remain available to you via e-mail should you have post-session questions you'd like further comments on. 

- Zoom recording can be sent to you upon request. 

Cost is £150 for a 60 min session + summary notes and any post-session questions via e-mail. 

Block-booking 4 sessions for £500 (you don't have to decide this during our first session, discount will be flexibly applied when you reach 4 consultations).

Sessions can be automatically booked by clicking below. You can choose a time that best suits you when making your booking. 


Please email me at in case the available slots do not work for you.


All sessions are considered 'life coaching', no therapy and no diagnostic services are provided.

By scheduling a session you are confirming that you understand that you're booking an online coaching session, not therapy or neurological diagnostics or examinations. 

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