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1. Release fears and anxiety, replace them with calm and confidence.

2. Understand the physiology of birth and how to work with your mind.

3. Gain the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions and take control of your birth experience.


The group classes run on the last weekend of every month, Saturday (3pm - 6pm) and Sunday (12:30pm to 4:30pm) at Studio One Pilates in Forest Hill, London. The group classes have a maximum of 5 couples to ensure you get the most out of the course whilst also having the opportunity to meet everyone. I also offer private and flexible one-to-one classes either at my home or yours, and these can be split into sessions that suit you best.


It is important that you attend the course with your birth partner as they are a crucial part of your birth experience.

This course is a complete antenatal preparation and you can attend the classes whenever you want during your pregnancy, although I'd suggest that the optimal time to attend is around 20-30 weeks so that you have plenty of time to take in all the information and practice the techniques you will learn.


If you are beyond 36 weeks, fear not! You can still benefit from the course and I offer intensive classes at your convenience. If you are not yet 20 weeks pregnant and feel that you have a lot of anxiety surrounding birth, I also offer a private early course that will focus on working through your fears, so just get in touch to arrange an option that works best for you.


This hypnobirthing course is unlike any other as it takes a psychology and neuroscience-centered approach which heavily focuses on a mother's and partner's emotional well being as the first step into a positive birth and the life-changing journey of parenthood.


Before you attend the course, we will discuss what you expect from the classes and the topics that are most important to you, so I can offer tailor-made information and techniques ensuring that you get the most out of your experience. 


- Course folder

- The Hypnobirthing book   

- Meditation audios

- Birth plan template

- Exclusive goody bag

- Light refreshments

- My full heart, commitment as well as ongoing emotional and motivational support throughout your pregnancy to help you create a wonderful experience.


- How your body is naturally designed to work during childbirth.

- Physiology and psychology of birth, how to work with your mind and body to release the body’s natural calming and pain relieving hormones.

- Introduction to the science of brain health, emotional health and physical health.

- Comprehensive guide to deep relaxation techniques and mindfulness, as well as how and why they work.
- Multiple guided relaxation scripts. 
- Calming breathing techniques for all stages of labour and birth.
- Recognising and working through any fear and anxiety that you and your partner might have surrounding birth.
- Calming massage techniques so you can choose what works best for you.
- Nutritional information for a healthier pregnancy, baby growth & brain health as well as labour.
- Light exercises to keep mother and baby healthy during pregnancy and that will be beneficial for birth.
- Extensive information for birth partners on how to best support, protect and guide the mother.
- Labour stages and how to recognise, not fear and work with each of them.
- Several movements and positions that are effective and comfortable for labour and birth.

- Interventions, why and when they are needed and how to stay calm and positive if things don’t go to plan.
- How to create your birth plan.
- Understanding your options on birth place choices: home birth, hospital birth or birth centre birth. 
- Understanding the UK maternity care system.
- How to effectively communicate and work in conjunction with your caregivers during pregnancy and birth and what rights you have.
- Newborn procedures and your choices in the matter. 

- The basics of breastfeeding.

- What to expect from the postpartum period, physical and brain changes and how to best support your body and mind. 
- Newborn nesting period and how to enrich your baby's first experiences for optimal brain growth and health.

- Practical tips to help mother and partner to practice self-care, self-kindness and self-confidence once your baby is here.


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